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Demolition services may seem simple and straightforward, but there are many things that a demolition needs to achieve.

Compliant, safe, and legal? That goes without saying. As affordable and straightforward as possible? You wouldn’t want anything else.

Any demolition contractor worth their salt will deliver these benefits for you. But if you want to ensure you get everything from your demolition, talk to our demolition contractors in Rowville.

With 28 years of personalised experience, Ultimate Demolitions can deliver on all the expectations for your demolition, and then more.

Our services are designed to make your demolition easier, solving common problems that are often encountered throughout the process.

Our demolition contractors in Rowville can assist you with:

Asbestos removal: You can’t demolish a building that contains asbestos! That’s why our team is licenced and fully qualified to remove it for you, solving your problem without the need for another call.

Sewerage capping: Essential for development and demolition works, our team can comprehensively cap lines and pipes for commercial and domestic demolition services.

Tree removal: Our team can remove trees of most sizes for you, speeding up demolition and development. Larger trees may require council approval as well as the services of a professional lopper.

Development sites: Are you preparing your land for development? Need to remove refuse, tear down existing structures or dig trenches for new infrastructure? Ultimate Demolitions is your team.

Land clearing: We will remove partially demolished and fully demolished structures from your land, ensuring it is ready for whatever you build next!


Commercial and House Demolition Contractors Rowville

Whether you’re looking for a house demolition service or the best solutions for commercial and residential complexes, Ultimate Demolitions can help you.

We cover everything from free quotes to site inspections, approvals and permits to fully compliant demolitions.

Organise your commercial or residential demolition service. Call our demolition contractors in Rowville on 0407 335 291 (Steve) or 0411 517 279 (Lisa) today.

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