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Are you looking for licenced, fully qualified demolition contractors in Berwick? Specialising in commercial, residential and industrial demolitions, our experienced professionals can offer you a comprehensive service.

At Ultimate Demolitions, we have been working throughout Melbourne’s suburbs for more than 28 years. As well as fully compliant demolition services, our demolition contractors in Berwick can assist you with:

Tree removal – we are able to remove trees of most sizes and can help you with council approval for tree removal.

Land clearing – thorough and efficient land clearing services for demolished and partially demolished sites. Prepare your site for new projects with Ultimate Demolitions.

Development site preparation – if you’re turning a lot of land into a domestic estate, trust our skilled professionals to prepare your site for future developments. Our solutions include digging, as well as preparation services for infrastructure.

At Ultimate Demolitions, we can also help you to prepare for demolition services with our asbestos removal and sewerage capping expertise.


Commercial and House Demolition Contractors Berwick

Our demolition contractors in Berwick specialise in both commercial and house demolition services, as well as industrial demolition.

No matter the size, shape, or original purpose of your building, we can effectively and safely tear it down for you. Professional, safe, and highly experienced, Ultimate Demolitions will guide you from start to finish. We will provide you with an on-site inspection, a free quote, and council approvals before demolition begins.

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For the most efficient demolition services and related solutions, get in touch with Ultimate Demolitions. Call  Steve on 0407 335 291 to get started.

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