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When it comes to demolition works, safe, modern and fully compliant solutions are central to the success of your process. Budgeting and affordability are equally important in a demolition, ensuring your commercial, industrial, or residential project remains affordable.

With more than 28 years of experience, our demolition contractors in Burwood can ensure a safe, professional, and specialist demolition solution for your needs. Ultimate Demolitions provides a broad range of demolition services, guiding you from initial enquiry to the final demolition.

Talk to our demolition contractors in Burwood for:

Site development services – turn your plot of land into an estate with Ultimate Demolitions. Our fully licenced team can prepare your site by removing existing structures and refuse, while also providing digging and infrastructure services

Sewerage capping solutions – complete capping services for your demolition site, no matter its size or scale. Our professionals with cap pipes and lines on your site

Tree removal – we will guide you through the entire tree removal process for your plot of land. For large trees, you may require council approval prior to removal. At Ultimate Demolitions, we can remove trees of most sizes for you.

Our demolition contractors in Burwood can also provide a range of other services, including asbestos removal and land clearing solutions. For more information, explore our services online or call us today.


Commercial and House Demolition Contractors Burwood

Are you looking for personalised demolition services for an industrial complex?

Do you need a team to safely and effectively remove residential or commercial structures?

No matter the size or sale, Ultimate Demolitions can take care of everything from council approval and permits to safe and experienced demolition.

For an on-site inspection and a free quote, contact Ultimate Demolitions. Phone 0411 517 279 (Lisa) or 0407 335 291 (Steve) today.

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