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Has your planned demolition project been help up by asbestos problems? Have your development plans been hamstrung by partially demolished structures that remain on your site?

At Ultimate Demolitions, we understand that time is money in the world of property development and demolition. Knox families, developers, and businesses can all turn to our professionals for experienced solutions to their demolition problems.

Ultimate Demolitions doesn’t just oversee demolitions for your structure. We can also offer expert asbestos removal and disposal to ensure safe, legal, and compliant solutions. As well as this, our specialists can provide land clearing solutions to pave the way for new projects. Invest in smooth and even land for your next development with Ultimate Demolitions.

We can also assist you with:

Tree removal – this process may require council approvals, as well as professional tree loppers for larger trees. Ultimate Demolitions can provide the services and recommendations you need

Sewerage capping – our solutions are ideal for all types of demolition in Knox. Whether it’s a small house demolition service or a sprawling industrial complex, we can conduct comprehensive pipe and line capping

Services for development sites – this includes removing refuse and existing structures, and digging trenches for new infrastructure.


Commercial and House Demolition Contractors Knox

At Ultimate Demolitions, our capabilities include commercial demolitions, industrial complexes, and residential demolition services. We begin our service with an on-site inspection, followed by a free quote, council approvals, and demolition services that are legal and compliant.

To plan your next industrial, commercial, or domestic demolition in Knox, call Steve or Lisa from Ultimate Demolitions. Phone 0411 517 279 (Lisa) or 0407 335 291 (Steve) today.

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