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Transform obsolete, obstructive or dangerous buildings into new development opportunities with the team at Ultimate Demolitions.

Specialising in safe and professional demolitions, our team can clear a run-down home to make way for your dream design or tear down an old industrial complex to create a new domestic estate.

Proudly providing residential, commercial, and industrial demolition services, our experienced specialists are backed by a track record that spans 28 years. When it comes to your next demolition in Canterbury, we truly offer it all, with services including:

Development site preparation – Choose Ultimate Demolitions for fully licenced site preparation for your impending development. We can remove waste, tear down existing structures, dig trenches, and prepare for the installation of new infrastructure

Safe asbestos removal – Asbestos testing and removal is a central part of demolition services. Our fully qualified team can ensure your site is asbestos-free, offering comprehensive removal and disposal services

Land clearing services – Is your site littered with the remains of demolished or partially demolished structures? Clear the land and prepare fort your planned project with Ultimate Demolitions

Offering comprehensive solutions for your demolition in Canterbury, Ultimate Demolitions can also assist you with tree removal and sewerage capping solutions.


Commercial and House Demolition Contractors Canterbury

Unlike some demolition providers, Ultimate Demolitions offers a full suite of services for industrial complexes, commercial sites, and domestic and residential properties.

We offer on-site inspections, free quotes, council approvals, and fully-compliant demolitions and related structures for properties of all shapes and sizes.

To learn more, contact Ultimate Demolitions today. Give us a call, send us an email, or make a quick online enquiry now.

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